Anneliese Pohl Kindertagesstätte



We have taken precautions!

Due to the Corona pandemic the children are currently kept in fixed groups of under and over three-year olds.
Each group has its own playing, napping and sanitary areas, so the contacts are limited to their respective group.

Our outdoor area is currently divided into four zones so the kids can spend a lot of time outside.
The zones are switched on a weekly basis.

The other two groups can spend their “outside” time either in the woods or by taking a walk.

Each group has “fixed” personnel as well.
Additionally each group has its own substitute (part-time staff), if needed.

In order to keep our normal opening hours from 6.45 a.m. to 5.15 p.m.,
parents are asked to tell us when they will drop-off and pick-up their children for the upcoming week. This helps our personnel make a schedule suitable to each group’s needs.

If part of the group’s personnel is missing due to various reasons, it could be that this group’s opening hours will be shortened.
Normally, we would substitute personnel from another group, but if a child or this staff member is tested corona-positive, we would have to close all groups which had contact with this person.

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