Our child care offers two kinds of full-time spaces:

  • Spaces of up to 45 hours a week for a fee of currently 142 € / month.
  • Spaces of 45 to 50 hours a week for a fee of currently 175 € / month.

Additionally, there are costs for the cooked lunch of 59 € / month and - for children under three years - 10 € / month for breakfast.

These fees are the same as those fixed in the statutes for child care of the university town Marburg.

Consequently, the fees for a child enrolled in Anneliese-Pohl-Kita are the same as in a municipal Kita.
The rules of discount for siblings as well as reduced fees due to social reasons are also set out in those statutes.

Fee collection is handled by the management, E-Mail: geschaeftsfuehrung@kjhm.de

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